Master Management, Unternehmensführung Vollzeit in der Schweiz 🎓 - 3 Studiengänge

Management, Unternehmensführung

Kurzinformationen zu den Studiengängen

University of Fribourg - iimt Executive MBA in ICT Management

The Master program provides its students with general business and management skills as well as methodological, analytical and personal competences. These generalistic entrepreneurial skills are specifically tailored for the area of ICT management. In addition, the topical focus of information and communication technologies (ICT) offers courses on various technical and scientific subjects.

The program is designed for graduates who have been working in management, preferably ICT management, for some years. The MBA qualifies its graduates for senior management positions in the various areas of the ICT industry in private or public organizations.

The curriculum comprises management- and ICT-related courses such as: Strategy & Innovation Management, Marketing Management, Information & Communication Technologies, Information Management & Decision Support or Research Methodology.

University of Fribourg - iimt Executive MBA in Utility Management

The MBA program offers a practice-oriented as well as theoretical education in business management with a special focus on utility management. Students are provided with methodological management skills and instruments, expert know-how on utility management and interpersonal skills. The program is a combination of economic, managerial and interdisciplinary training.

The program is designed for executive managers from the utility industry who wish to enhance and extend their know-how and practical skills. Graduates are well-equipped for senior utility management positions.

The curriculum consists of 30 modules which offer courses on general management issues and specialist courses on utility management: e.g. Strategy and Information Management, Project Management, National and International Economics, Business Ethics, Corporate Communication, Utility Technology or Managerial Finance.

Universität Zürich MAS European and Asian Business Management

The Master program with the specialization on European and Chinese Business Management focusses on intercultural understanding and management-issues. It is offered in cooperation with the New Huada Business School Switzerland. Students attend guest lectures from highly qualified professioanls.

Participants need adequate English skills to be able to follow the teaching and to write the thesis. They also need a proof of an university degree, preferable a master-degree.

The curriculum is composed of the modules International Management, Courses on Management with a focus on Europe and China, an Internship and the Master Thesis. Students focus either on European Business or on Chinese Business. There is also the possibility to attend additional courses on the latest development in the business world.