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Master M.Sc.
3 semester(s)
Master M.Sc.
5 semester(s)
Wädenswil, Zurich area, Switzerland
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Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Das Studium


The Master of Science (MSc) in Facility Management (FM) deals with methodological, technical and managerial issues in FM. The consecutive Master's degree programme builds on the Bachelor's degree in Facility Management and enables students to deepen their scientific understanding and provides a practical awareness of this interdisciplinary management field.

Master's students become expert at bridging the gap between theory and practice through dealing with scientific issues, becoming familiar with the latest international research literature, and completing complex projects professionally. They are thus optimally prepared for the challenges of their future leadership roles.

Scope, structure and qualification
The study programme carries 90 ECTS points. It is divided into subject specialisation and into learning scientific methods and business skills. 30 ECTS points are awarded for the Master’s thesis. The duration of the full-time study programme is three semesters; a part-time option is available generally lasting five semesters.

The Master's degree programme at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Arts ZFH concludes with the internationally recognised title "Master of Science ZFH in Facility Management".
Prof. Thomas Wehrmüller
Institute Director
Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Target audience

Target audience

A Master of Science ZFH in Facility Management provides students with a nationally and internationally recognized degree.

They develop their ability to cope with complexity and develop their scientific skills.
Internationally oriented organisations increasingly expect a Master's degree as an entrance qualification for leadership positions. Growing cost pressures and the need to increase productivity mean that expert Facility Managers are in demand, not only in the private sector, but also in public institutions.

Master's graduates thus have various professional and managerial opportunities, for example:
Professional and management positions working for
  • large corporations
  • general contractors
  • FM/Total Service Providers
  • public buildings administration / public real estate management
  • project developers
  • construction companies, building cooperatives, real estate managers
  • municipal infrastructure, public service, postal services, transport, energy, water companies
  • health care
  • financial services
  • industry
  • research institutes
Other opportunities
  • Teaching and research and development at higher education institutes
  • Independent development of new business areas (consulting, development, services)
  • Specialised functions such as portfolio management
  • Consultancy
Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Emphasis/Curriculum


The Master of Science in Facility Management is modular, and each semester has a specific focus.
  • The first semester focuses on a company's support processes from the viewpoint of FM, and identifies optimisation potential.
  • In the second semester, students learn about companies' core processes. The central question at this stage is how FM can support these core processes effectively and efficiently.
  • In the third semester, the course contents of the first and second semester are incorporated into the preparation of the Master's Thesis and are complemented by students' choice of industry-specific issues and particular aspects of the international FM market.

1 Module Scientific methods and business skills
  • Scientific theory and methods I and II
  • Business skills
  • Systems engineering and Project management
  • Leadership in Change management
2 Module FM processes
  • Introduction to FM and sustainability
  • Managing Property
  • Managing Services
  • Managing Workplace
  • Case study I – research project I
3 Module Understanding Organisations
  • External influences on FM
  • Internal influences on FM
  • Case study II – research project II
4 Module International FM and specific FM Aspects
  • International FM
  • A course suited to the individual's area of specialisation is selected from a choice of electives
Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Practical relevance

Practical relevance

Research focus
To ensure that the most up-to-date, practically relevant projects and research are included in the Master's degree programme, MSc students may be involved in national and international research work at the Institute of Facility Management.

Practice-based learning
In all three semesters scientific knowledge and methods are taught in order to promote action-oriented problem-solving skills. This practice- and project-oriented training promotes transdisciplinary and holistic thinking in FM.

Intensive collaboration with partners from the field and with public authorities ensures that the Master's degree programme provides a sound preparation for the world of work.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Building on the Bachelor's degree in Facility Management, a Master's degree offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge. Excellence is sought at master’s level. Thus, an above-average university degree and / or additional evidence of achievement is expected.

The Master's programme is intended primarily for graduates with a professional degree in Facility Management at Bachelor's level.

Students with a different qualification, for example in the fields of business administration, hospitality management, civil engineering, building services engineering, architecture or other FM – related studies, who can provide proof of the required entry competences will be admitted to the Master's degree programme.

The lectures will mainly be held in English. English is the language of all scripts and documentation. Knowledge of English (level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Languages proficiency scale) is therefore essential for successful study. Students can choose individually whether to write their assignments in German or English.

Application process
If all the criteria are met, applicants attend an interview to assess their suitability for the study program and for a career in Facility Management.

Costs: once only
  • Registration for admissions procedure CHF 100.-
  • Enrolment fee CHF 100.-
costs: per semester
  • Semester fee CHF 720.-
  • Additional semester fee payable by students legally domiciled outside Switzerland CHF 500.-
  • Contribution to ASVZ sports program CHF 25.-
  • Contribution to the student organisation VSZHAW CHF 12.-


Language(s) of instruction: English
voluntary: German
Going abroad: not possible

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          Master  Master of Science in Facility Management
Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Organisation


ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management

The School of Life Sciences and Facility Management of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading centres of excellence in Switzerland on nutrition, health, society and the environment.

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal. By focusing on application at a consistently high level, we aim to achieve excellence in all aspects of our mandate: teaching, research and development, continuing education, consulting and services.

Like the other universities in the Canton of Zurich, the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences stands on firm scientific foundations; unlike them, we are essentially guided by professional practice. Both our lecturers and our students have extensive experience of the professional world; they never lose touch with it, however intensive our programmes may be.

By continuously applying science to concrete situations, we ensure that our students are able to use what they learn even before they leave university, while their lecturers’ professional expertise guarantees that theory and practice are carefully interlinked. This provides our graduates with an outstanding preparation for their careers, making them extremely attractive to future employers.
Master M.Sc., Master of Science in Facility Management - Studying in Wädenswil

Studying in Wädenswil

To make sure that studying is not just about learning, but also includes some fun and enjoyment, the ZHAW and its partner organisations provide music, sports, pubs, and parties. We also support you in your everyday concerns, including finding accommodation, where to eat out, childcare and counselling.

Attractive activities for students, some of which may earn you ECTS credits towards your qualification, include the alpha-cappella choir (in Winterthur) and the HSW Choir (Waedenswil).

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